Yes, I am a Pagan. No, I do not worship Satan.

I cannot tell you how many times the questions are asked. I can only tell you the answers to them that I have cultivated to explain my world. Sometimes explaining to someone that you are a Pagan comes with certain…um…well intended (sometimes eyebrow raising) questions. I am going to give you my top 5 favorites.

1.) Uh oh, the person sitting next to me on the metro just noticed my pentacle. WAIT FOR IT…..In 3…2…1:
“Are you a Satanist?”

Nope. I know of Satan/Devil/Lucifer as a Biblical reference and only that. I was a Christian for about half of my life and never heard an evil voice enticing me to be bad. I have never felt that one evil “spirit” could be responsible for all the evils in the world. Satan is not my bag baby. Hard to worship something you don’t believe in.

2.) “Have you ever thought of taking Jesus as your personal savior?”

I did when I was younger. I WAS a Christian but never was able to feel as though I belonged. Don’t get me wrong, Jesus was a really AWESOME dude! Fighting for the everyman and taking names! I just don’t happen to believe he was the son of a supreme god. Ever heard the saying “All myth mountains start as a pebble of truth”?

3.) Who is your God/Goddess/Deity?
Fair question! Would you believe me if I said I don’t really have one? I have a semi-gnostic view (that said I am not a part of any gnostic group) but I do believe that there are attributes of deities that are helpful to me when I need to focus.

4.) Can you fly?
Really? Do I HAVE to answer this? No, I cannot “fly”. If I could I would never be late! Many a time “flying” is used as a reference to astral projection, and in some cases a reference to the use of hallucinogens.

5.) Yes I have been asked this one!!
Do you eat/sacrifice children?
No! I have four very amazing children that I LOVE. I cannot speak for all Pagans, just as I cannot speak for other beliefs, but child abuse in ANY form is dead WRONG!! Your kids are probably going to come home from our house with treats, not become one. ❤

Those are my favorites. I get so many questions but those seem to be first ones that pop into peoples heads.

What questions are you frequently asked?


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